Adrian Buca, DDS
October 15, 2020

Doug has been my insurance agent for more than 10 years. I've always had a great experience with him, and unlike Geico, or other insurance agents, he places a lot of emphasis on creating a relationship with his clients. He looks for finding them the best rates possible for the maximum of benefits, and he he takes his time explaining the insurance fine prints, so you fell, and you know, you are part of the decision process. I am wholehearted recommended Doug for your insurance needs 🙂

Brandon H. Brown
October 15, 2020

Bob got me hooked up with covered California recently. He was thorough, professional, and passionate about getting me a fair rate while explaining the differences and benefits for each plan. A total pro. I would highly recommend Bob, as he a just a genuine guy with your well being in mind. Beats talking to a stranger in Minnesota any day! Thanks guys!

Doug Gocke
October 15, 2020

After throwing my hands up after chasing down short term rental insurance coverage on our cabin in Bass Lake and being turned away by many carriers due to the fire risk, I came to Susan at Macaulay for help. Within 36 hours I had property and short term rental liability coverage for less than what I was paying for my non-rental AAA homeowners policy. They are pros at Macaulay!

Tom Bopp
October 15, 2020

We love Macaulay Insurance! Personable and professional, they know the area, our neighbors, and they're very resourceful and accessible.


Morgan Mussell
October 15, 2020

My sister and I manage a short term vacation rental cabin in a beautiful location in the Sierras, which means it's also at high risk during fire season. Several years ago, the nationwide "mainstream" insurance companies stopped covering such rentals. A number of people in my situation recommended Susan and over the past three years, she has been 100% responsive to our needs. I'm happy to give her the highest rating!

Catherine Baldi
October 15, 2020

I found Susan and MacAulay Insurance because I needed to get vacation rental insurance. She was the ONLY broker who could do this. One gave me an astronomical quote and the other didn't even call me back. Susan got me an excellent quote especially for the climate we are in. Susan also found several errors in the policy written by another broker. Did you know you need to list your deck separately on your FAIR plan? Susan does and all the rest. One of the nicest local businesswoman I've come across so far. You will be well served and will have made a new friend talking to Susan.

Casey Hawkins (South Gate Brewing Co.)
October 20, 2016

Thanks Macaulay Insurance Agency. Bob, Doug and Susan have gone way above and beyond to help my family navigate the rigors of health insurance coverage. We are lucky to have you guys in our community.

David & Rhonda Salisbury (Oakhurst, California)
April 17, 2015

I wanted to write to you to let you know how pleasantly surprised I was to find that there is affordable insurance out there. If you listen to the news and the woes of many people about their cost of insurance, one is extremely discouraged when they find themselves needing to purchase their own health insurance.

My husband and I had to purchase our own insurance several years ago, so we called you. You immediately put our minds (and pocket books) at ease with the assortment of choices that you offer. We were able to choose an affordable health plan that fit our needs. We've been very happy with that plan and the cost associated with it. We can rest assured that if we had a medical catastrophe that we are well taken care of and that we have a local, caring agent who is there when we need him.

I've talked to many people who complain about health insurance costs and I tell them all the same thing… "Just call Macaulay Insurance Agency. Health insurance can be more affordable than you think!" Thank you so much for your help and continued efforts to make our health insurance needs painless!

Laura and Roman Zabicki (Oakhurst, California)
April 17, 2015

We turned to Doug over three years ago when we found ourselves in what could have been a very disastrous position with our health insurance. He was not only instrumental in averting the possibility of our health insurance being cancelled but he also set up the group plan for our employees. When we had family health matters to address, Doug gave us peace of mind. The knowledge and competence that Susan and Doug Macaulay possess allow us to focus on what's important…our personal lives and our businesses.

Rick Slayton (Grant Mercantile Agency)
April 17, 2015

Thank you so much for helping us manage all of our various personal and corporate insurance needs these past 15 years. Your service is simply outstanding and we sincerely appreciate the time and effort you have provided to us. Over the years, you have saved our company thousands of dollars in premiums and are, without a doubt, our most trusted and valued insurance consultants and advisors. I want to personally thank you for your friendship and for being the kind and caring people that you are.