Directors and Office Liability
Directors & Officers Liability is designed for an incident when a director or officer of a company commits a negligent act or omission, or misstatement or misleading statement, and a successful libel suit is brought against the company as a result. Usually a large deductible (known as a retention) is required. The policy provides coverage for directors’ and officers’ liability exposure if they are sued as individuals. Coverage is also provided for the costs of defense such as legal fees and other court costs.

Employment Practices Liability
Employment Practices policy typically protects your business, its directors & officers and employees for claims resulting from wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discipline and failure to employ or promote. Whether or not your business is held ultimately responsible, defense costs alone can exceed $100,000. A short application can often provide you a way to protect your business from this costly exposure.

Professional Liability
Professional Liability is also referred to as “Errors and Omissions” or depending on the type of business or profession. It protects the business from claims coming “Malpractice from the performance of professional duties Attorneys, Doctors, Consultants, Accountants are some of the many professions that need and can utilize this coverage. Often a short application and a resume is all that is needed to obtain a proposal so that you can see how protecting your business is easier than you may think.

Special Events Insurance Programs
A grand opening? Having a birthday party? A local concert? This is the type of policy that provides liability for your event in case of a “what if”or an “oops”. This includes events that serve liquor or other unique hazards and will protect you from a claim arising from an injury or other incident.